How To Choose The Perfect Catering Service For Your Event

Food is an integral part of any event and can be a major factor in determining whether the event is successful or not. Different events have different food requirements; weddings will require a plated or casual dining service, a 50th birthday will benefit with a cocktail or finger food style service and a corporate event could be cocktail or sit down style. To choose the perfect catering service for your event, you need to consider the following:


Your starting point is always how much you can afford to spend. This doesn’t mean you should go with the cheapest catering company, as their food and service quality needs to be taken into consideration as well as if they’ll set up the event, provide wait staff and servers and if they clean up afterward. Remember to ask if these additional services are extra or if they are built into the cost. Also, ask whether they charge per head, per hour or per menu item.


The style of catering you require, whether it be a banquet, BBQ, finger food, formal dining or casual dining, will be determined by the type of event and the time of day. Formal sit-down events like weddings, award’s nights and anniversary dinners will benefit from table service and formal dining options, while engagement parties, corporate functions and birthday parties will be more suited to cocktail style finger food.


Beverages are a must-have when putting on an event. To save you hassle, choose a catering company that also provides a drinks service with serving staff.


Consider the number of guests you will need to provide food for and how this food will be served to ensure every guest is well fed. Handcrafted Catering provides gourmet finger food based on the event length rather than the piece per person so your guests will always be well fed. You will also need to take into account dietary requirements for guests, so choose a catering company that offers you personalisation and allows you to change the menu options to suit your event’s needs.

At Handcrafted Catering, we know how to impress your guests with delicious gourmet finger food, classy fine dining and a professional catering service. Give us a call, and we can tailor a catering service package tailored specifically for your event.

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