Important Questions To Ask Before You Hire a Venue in Melbourne

Planning an event can be both fun and stressful. One of the important parts of planning is finding a venue. When planning a venue hire Melbourne residents can benefit from knowing the right information to seek. Whether you tour in person or enquire on the phone, this information can help determine if it is the right place for your event.

1. Availability

Make sure the location is available on the date and at the time you need it. For a more popular venue hire Melbourne locals may need to plan some flexibility in their dates.

2. Venue Set Up and Take Down Times

Make sure the fee you pay includes enough time to cover setting up and tearing down your event. Some venues will allow you to leave your equipment overnight and pick it up the next morning. Your catering company will also need time to set up for the event.

3. Hidden Costs

Venues need to be transparent. Ask before signing any contracts about hidden costs. The rental is never just a minimum amount or the cost of the hire. You might be responsible for security, bar fees, cleaning, deposits, damage liability and other fees for the event. Before booking a venue get all the information.

4. Contacts

Is the person you are speaking with available on the day of your event. Once you arrive you may find you have more questions that you did not cover in the initial meeting. Find out who you can call for answers. Confirm with the agent the name and phone number of those who will help when the event arrives.

5. Decorations

If you have special decorations in mind, be sure they are allowable. Some venues do not allow the use of wax candles or throwing confetti. If they are not allowable, you have to change your plans or venue.

6. Supplies

Ask what supplies the center includes and what supplies you must bring. You may need tables and chairs along with the flowers, cake and food. One helpful tip is asking the venue personnel what caterers they often work with or companies that provide great prices.

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7. Music

If your party includes music, ask about using the sound system. Is it as simple as plugging a computer with a playlist into a connection or do you need a DJ that brings his own sound system?

8. Privacy

If you are not using the entire facility, privacy becomes an issue. Most parties do not want people from other events that are taking place the same day to join their party at will. Ask how private you can make your party on the day it occurs.

9. Closing time

Ask when you have to leave the space so it does not come as a surprise. The venue personnel might be able to recommend a good location for an after party.

10. Special Diets

Depending on the size of your party you could have several guests with special dietary needs. Ask the catering company what they can offer to meet the needs of guests who are food intolerant or vegans.

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