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Laughter drifts across the room as colourful lights dance over a table filled with sumptuous treats. Delicate pastries, canapés and mouth-watering platters, as well as sweet indulgences, await the guests. Aromatic, fresh and as enchanting as the atmosphere in the room…

Creating a memorable party starts with the menu, this is why Handcrafted Catering specialises in freshly made foods that tempt, delight and are flavoursome. Our party dishes and finger food is all hand-made and crafted from the freshest ingredients just for you and your guests.

Whether you are entertaining a handful of friends, hosting a small family get-together, or wanting to have a lavish party for everyone you know and love, then Handcrafted Catering can craft hand-made delicacies to meet your requirements and budget. We can also help you with event planning, saving you both time and effort.

Handcraft Catering’s gourmet finger food and party treats are inventive, garden-fresh and will tantalise your guest’s taste buds. We cater to everyone’s palate and dietary requirements, tailor our foods to complement your party theme and make your fine foods fresh on the day of your event.

Our fun, passionate and dedicated staff can be there with you every step of the way, or you can elect to have your cuisine delivered to your venue for do-it-yourself styled catering. Handcrafted Catering can distribute your foods to anywhere in Melbourne, Geelong or even Ballarat, or we can offer you a fully catered and staffed service in your home, office or at a venue of your choice.

Select from our gourmet hand made finger food catering options, classy canapés and dude food. You can select from hot and cold delights, as well as savoury and sweet.

Handcrafted Catering aims to make your celebration memorable. We deal with every event in-person and work with you to make your party exceptional. We want your guests to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience and to ensure that your event is a resonating hit for all who attend.

Handcrafted Catering fashions ingenious finger foods and party treats for unforgettable celebrations.