The Benefits Of A Cocktail Wedding Reception

Cocktail wedding receptions are a deviation from the typical sit down dinner event, but it could be the perfect option for you. If you want to give your guests a fun and relaxed wedding reception experience, why not consider these benefits of a cocktail wedding reception.

No fuss over seating

With no bride or groom’s side, everyone mingles and sits where they choose. You don’t have to have perfectly placed table and chairs, and you can get creative with your seating options. These can range from bar stools around bar tables – ideal for those who always have a drink in their hands – to comfy loungers for those who want to lay back and rest their feet. You can even throw in some picnic blankets if your wedding is outdoors.

A variety of food options

You aren’t paying per plate, so you get to mix things up. Choose from a wide selection of hot and cold canapes to suit your tastes. Gourmet finger food that is freshly prepared will satisfy guests as much as a sit down formal dinner, and roaming platters ensure everyone gets fed. Cocktail food catering also allows guests to choose canapes they want, and avoid food they don’t. If you want your guests to have access to food without waiting for it to come past, why not add some fried “dude food” or bowls of food on tables for a guaranteed meal.

More freedom

A cocktail wedding reception gives you a lot more freedom with the venue setup and how the wedding reception flows. Without the need for numerous tables and chairs, your wedding venue will seem so much bigger and allow more room for dancing and other fun activities such as a photo booth. You have more freedom to choose the timeline of your wedding reception from your first dance is to when and how the speeches are made.

A relaxed atmosphere

Cocktail weddings tend to be more relaxed than their formal dining counterparts. Not having assigned seating means guests are more likely to mingle with each other and get the dance floor started. It also gives the bride and groom a chance to chat with all the guests without the confines of a table and scheduled dinner service.

A cocktail wedding reception has many benefits. To ensure your wedding has the best catering service, choose Handcrafted Catering. We create delectable gourmet cocktail party food that will delight and satisfy your guests. Contact us to start planning your dream cocktail wedding today!

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