The Ultimate Guide, To The Most Memorable Party Celebration

As the name suggests, you’re reading on to learn all the possible tips you can make use of to put on the most ultimate party imaginable. But what makes it so ultimate for everybody, including yourself? Is it the food, the people, or something else?

You can probably guess it’s a little more deeper than any one thing. In my opinion, it’s the vibe and energy that not only comes to the party, but gets invested into putting on a laughter inducing night.

Many things can affect the vibe and energy of a party, the weather being a big one, as well as the people invited along. If the weather is perfect, the party is outdoors and you’ve got a fun group of extroverted people, chances are, you’re going to have a great foundation to have a great night.

But as I said… Having good weather and people, is just the start point, what other things will bring on a night to be talked about for ages to come?

The more senses you can touch on your guests, the better everything will be.

The People

Wedding CateringSelecting the right people can really make or break a party, if you invite everybody to YOUR party, and half of your friends are introverted and boring, there’s a high probability they are going to dull the mood to suit their personality. And that’s fine if you are a people pleaser and don’t want anybody to be left out, BUT! You’ll need to make sure you really kick ass in the other points below.

If you invite heaps of fun chatty people, you’ll see them lift the mood of your party right up and it will instantly be a more fun party. Chatty people, enjoy chatting to everybody, especially other chatty people. The more so introverted folk may want to be running for the hills or just quietly hang out with each other off to the side. Either way, you weren’t meant to please everybody… It’s your party after all, right?

The Tech

Have you thought about what technology you could throw into the mix in order to add to the party fun? Good starting point would be what sound system you want to use. If it’s a big party, chances are your home theatre system is not going to cut it and you may want to look at either hiring a PA system, or even better, getting a DJ into not only take care of the sound, but also what’s going to be played all night long.

Food catering on wedding day
Food catering on wedding day

Do you plan on having a big screen out where there is something on in the background? Maybe it could be playing a montage of photos or video ofyour life, maybe snippets of your wedding day or some other important days in your history.

Other cool tech would be potentially having laser, smoke or bubble machines. It may only be a small part on it’s own, and even more applicable to a younger age group, however from my experience putting on some great parties, things like your smoke machines add something that most parties never even consider, adding a completely different edge to your party instantly. Doubled up with a laser machine and you’ve got yourself some pretty cool effects, usually seen at dance parties and things of the like.

The Food

As we all know, just having chocolates chips and an assortment of dips doesn’t quite cut it in this day and age. Sure, even a sweet tooth like myself will always want to see these “Foods” at a party, but lets talk about a different aspect of it. High sugar foods, often give us a big quick buzz, great for the short term fun, however after this passes, our energy levels take a big dip, bottoming out and making people feel sleepy at times. Of course you can keep smashing the sugar and keep cheating your energy levels to the top, but there are better alternatives.

Lower GI carb related options are usually best for a party, as they give a longer lasting consistent energy kick. If you were trying to run a party on the cheap, you could always see what’s on offer at the supermarket freezer section, but if you really want to wow everybody, call a catering company that offers some great handmade party finger foods. Even then, you still can choose from a wide range of suitable budget options. For example you can purchase finger foods for your party and just leave them out for people to pick and choose at their own leisure, or you can go the full distance and have your caterers not only prepare your party foods in house, but also have somebody waiting the party, serving all your guests the food at it’s warmest and freshest.

The catering option also opens the doors to a great range of delicious foods, that’ll not only make your mouth water, but also that of your guests.

Having freshly cooked food, also comes with other tantalizing benefits, specifically smell, filling the noses of all the guests at the party, inducing instant hunger all round.

The Entertainment

Are you happy with just a PA and DJ, or would you like to get an entire band in as a really personalised entertainment group. Bands these days aren’t overly expensive, especially considering the time and effort they put in. Like DJ’s a lot of party bands often will have enough gear and sound equipment to not need to worry about having to hire a PA system.

Another plus side of having a party band in is that you will also get a fun front-man who can MC the entire night, a great touch to any party.

gourmet catering beaumarisThe Drinks

You knew this was coming.. What party is complete without a touch of alcohol? If you’re planning a big night with lots of people, getting a mobile drink catering company is highly recommended, as they can help to regulate just how drunk everybody is going to get. You don’t want anybody getting so messy that they not only get a bit silly with their verbal skills, but also go on to cause a scene, as that’ll most definitely kill the vibe instantly.

Again, this can also come down to the choice of people and how well you know them. You should avoid inviting the drunken trouble makers as best you can. Unfortunately this isn’t always going to be manageable, which is what makes someone with an RSA certificate perfect for handing out drinks at your party.

The Decorations

How are you planning to hang everything at your place? Will you be throwing streamers around, having a specific colour theme throughout the party venue, maybe you’re more of a balloon person? Either way, it’s these small little details that help bring about the big picture of fun!

Balloons are always highly underrated, after a few drinks, people always want to play with balloons throw them around, or even pop the occasional one.

There are plenty of options to decorate your party place, it just requires a little creativity, or a visit to your party supplies store, and you’re good to go!

The Lighting

corporate catering bentleighSetting the right mood often starts with the lighting, I mean, we’re not playing a grand final game of football, or a qualifying game of basketball so having huge floodlights is going to be an obvious no no.

Candles are a great source of lighting for most, if not all parties, but you will need to be prepared if some drunken fool knocks one over and the flame spreads. A handy little idea is to get a heap of tea candles, a lot of brown paper bags and some sand, mix the three together and you’ve got a heap of cheap mini lanterns. They’re best lining the edges of the party area, and look amazing in photos.

Other great ideas you can implement are stage LED lighting, which you can often buy easily enough on eBay, or hire them from stage lighting companies, where you’ll also be able to get a lighting truss and everything you need to setup a cool automated lighting show for your party.



So, what other cool party ideas do YOU like to implement?

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