What Does a Wedding Venue Say About You & Your Partner?

No doubt that if you’re considering a wedding venue, your brain is going a million miles an hour, and has been since saying “Yes” that fateful moment. It’s quite understandable, your entire life is about to change, even if it’s only metaphorically.

During this period you’ve no doubt also done a lot of reflecting, not only on yourself, but on who you are as a couple, and where you both are striving to get to. He no doubt did plenty of covert research in to finding you the perfect ring (At least, I hope he did!). And chances are you’ve taken charge with planning out the next stage of your union, colour themes, what type of celebrant best suits, what wedding food you’re going to have catered and so on…

The best part about finding the right wedding service providers is that you get to have it personalized to the degree that suits you both as a couple. Which is what I imagine every couple in love would want, their own personalized wedding ceremony. So today, we’re going to be covering different types of wedding venues, and the kind of personality they reflect, so you can decide if it best suits you and your lover.

Traditional wedding venues


Maybe you and your partner have a religious background or you just share very traditional views on marriage, that it should be performed by a priest in a local church. For the modern day couple, having a wedding at an old styled church, suggests that you’re both high on traditional family values. Maybe the family is just pushing you to go this route, or maybe it’s all you’ve ever wanted. Either way, you’ll want to impress, with white ribbons and flowers everywhere the eye can see.

Whilst not everybody will share your traditional values, however from the outside perspective, you’ll immediately give off the feeling that family is extremely important to you and no matter what you’ll be making it work, or just keep trying harder.

You’re partners friends will of course feel safe knowing that you’re both committed to each other and having a priority on each other in a traditional sense. This is definitely the white picket fence style of wedding, so will always be a popular choice.


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