What To Consider When Planning Your 50th Birthday Party

If you’ve reached the milestone 50th birthday celebration, you will most likely be wanting to celebrate it with a big party! Organising a 50th birthday party requires careful consideration to make it a night to remember. Here’s what you should be considering when you are planning your ultimate 50th birthday party.


You have options when choosing a venue for your 50th; hiring a venue or just having your party at home. Where you choose will depend on what you want from a venue. Sometimes you want the comfort of your own home especially if you have a great entertaining area. If you are having a lot of guests, hiring a venue might give you more room. You can also hire rooms with spectacular views of the city or beach and it can provide more parking for guests.

Guest List

Inviting family and friends to your party is a no-brainer but do you invite their children? It really depends on the type of party you are having. If your 50th is going to be a formal or late-night affair, it is probably best that children do not attend. It also gives parents a chance to relax and enjoy themselves without worrying about looking after their children. If your birthday will be more relaxed or during the day, children could attend.


Choosing a theme for your birthday is always a fun idea. Giving guests an opportunity to use their imagination and get creative with their clothing will get everyone excited about the party before it even starts. Popular themes include decades like the roaring twenties, Hawaiian, movies and come as your younger self.


Food is an important part of any party. Instead of carrying the burden yourself, why not hire a professional catering company. Your 50th birthday party catering can consist of gourmet finger food served to guests on platters, a BBQ style feast or banquet if you are having a formal affair. The best thing about a catering company is that they can give you a personalised menu to suit your event and can serve food at your house or your chosen venue. Whether you have your party catering at your house or a venue, your caterers will clean up afterwards so you can wake up the next morning with a clear head and a clean venue.


No party is complete without music. Hire a DJ or band so you can dance to your favourite tracks all night long. If they double as an MC, even better. Why not entertain guest with a video or photo montage on a projector screen?

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